Essay on Gendercide and its Cultural Components by Mary Anne Warren

Essay on Gendercide and its Cultural Components by Mary Anne Warren

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Gendercide and its Cultural Components

The topic of Gendercide is not much in the public eye as much as researchers would like. However amongst the professionals, it turns out to be a debated topic. The definition alone has some arbitrary research.
The term gendercide originated in the mid 1980’s by Mary Anne Warren where she referred to it as “the deliberate extermination of persons of a particular sex” (as cited by Jones, 2006). The main focus during her early work on gendercide was women and girls. She also focus on infanticide of female fetuses; in other words, the sex-selection that happens in certain cultures around the world. She did not dismiss the idea that victims of such discriminating murders could be males too. This is why Warren rejected the term gynocide which was made-up by Mary Daly around the same time.
Charli Carpenter explains that to establish a proper definition of gendercide it is important to differentiate between sex and gender (2002). Gender is a term that is related to social beliefs of what and how the sex of a person should be represented or identified with. Gender identity is regulated by the person and is the sense of what type of man or woman they are, therefore, how they should act in a given situation. Gender discourses are the attributes given to men and women, such as men are aggressive, women are nurturing. Gender discourses generate gender ideologies that shape the behaviors based on these attributes. This is what creates our gender norms.
Sex relates to the biology of a person, as opposed to their sociology and psychology. The sex/gender argument is one that can be talked about for a life time, and researchers may never get to a direct answer. Carpenter wants the two to be differenti...

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