Gender Today 's Modern Society Essay

Gender Today 's Modern Society Essay

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Gender in today 's modern society is set by the parents the day they find out the sex of the baby either male or female. Most parents opt to find out the sex before the birth of the baby they right away assign the color blue if it’s a boy and the color pink if it’s a girl. Everything the parents buy for the baby has to be either blue or pink there 's no in between the two. For the baby shower if it’s a girl the entire baby shower is girl themed all is pink in the games are all meant to be girl themed and same if it was a boy. Gender can be said to be assigned before even the baby is born and it has nothing to do with the baby it 's just the way society sees the two sexes. The parents are the ones that influence what is socially correct for a girl and boy to have to start with clothing. A baby boy is always given blue clothing to wear a shirt and pants while a girl is put in a pink dress with girly shoes. At this point in the baby 's life, he or she doesn’t know what 's going on and why they are wearing certain clothing. But it definitely affects the way society sees the baby because they know the sex of the baby just by simply looking at what the baby is wearing. This continues for the baby until it becomes a teen when he or she begins deciding for themselves on what they wear. When the baby is introduced to toys the same thing occurs where certain toys are just meant for girls and others just for boys. Parents at this point aren’t the only ones influencing what toys the boy or girl play with influenced by society. TV has a major impact on what boys play with and what girls play with because of the TV shows they watch such as cartoons. TV reinforces what the parents have shown their kids blue for boys and pink for girls. With the ...

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...d kids should start learning that gender doesn’t define where you’ll make it in life anymore. In some cases, the genders are swapping roles and it 's perfectly fine for boys to play with dolls and girls to play sports allowing them to try a little of everything. This also fits into symbolic interactionism which is society as the product of the everyday interactions of individuals. The symbol gender creates for kids prevents them from doing what the opposite gender is able to do because it isn 't part of custom in society. Parents influence what gender their kids go into based on how they treat them because of their sex. So the parents are the first to create this symbol of gender. Society needs to make the two genders closer and not create such a big gap between the two. Allowing a little more leniency between the two and being more acceptable of the two interacting.

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