Gender, Sexuality, And The Body Essay examples

Gender, Sexuality, And The Body Essay examples

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For many of us, the awareness of our personal sexuality, sex, gender, and racial identity was known early on in life and is likely be an insignificant memory. Furthermore, a significant number of students at Bloomington South High School reported they felt as if their notions of race, gender, sexuality, and sex were obtained naturally. Through my observations, I noticed students overlook the complex relationship and struggle with how to think through issues related to sex, gender, race, sexuality, and the body. These relationships are perceived as seemingly natural and determined to systemize, however I argue [the conceptual relationship between] race, gender, sexuality, and sex is socially constructed through the body as adaptive and modifiable.
First, let’s explore the notions of sex and the body. By definition, sex is biologically categorized. Research has proven sex to be complicated, but the diversity of sex is overlooked and inadequately simplified. Due to the human nature of simplifying, phenotypic characteristics of the body have been associated with notions of sex. In our Western culture, normativity constructs sex into a binary system of female and male. Along with sex, gender is complicated yet misinterpreted into a simplified definition. We associate gender as one being a man and masculine or woman and feminine, disregarding the full spectrum of gender. Due to the human nature of categorization to simplify for understanding, both sex and gender is socially constructed into a binary system, which divides bodies into a binary system of male and female and man and woman. Furthermore, sex and gender is stereotyped as being co-dependent, despite embodying two completely separate and unrelated states due to normativity. Ste...

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...tion has taught us to avoid reproducing with different races. Many of us can recall at a young age being taught to associate white with notions of good and black with notions of bad. For example, in Lord of the Rings the “White” Wizard saves humanity and Saruman, the dark Wizard, is out to destroy humanity. This is an example of co-constitution, the concept that social categories of identity are shaped by social institutions. Finally, the case of Caster Semenya highlights gender and racially based discrimination and the lack of understanding we have towards the topic of intersex. In Semenya’s case, she was treated much worse than a white intersex person because she is black. We must take into account that we consider both gender and racial issues when regarding intersex. You cannot ignore one or the other. This reinforces the idea that race is socially constructed.

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