Essay about Gender Roles : An Essential Part Of An Individual 's Life

Essay about Gender Roles : An Essential Part Of An Individual 's Life

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Gender roles has always played an essential part of an individual 's life, and it can affect what we think the meaning of family is. As a child, I was taught that men and women had different roles in the household. It is unacceptable for the opposite genders to participate in activities that were not meant for them. For example, a man should not cook and a woman should not work on the yard. I want to note that gender is not black and white. Gender and sex are very different but when discussing gender roles, I am focusing on men and women.
In my traditional Hmong household, women do everything that is “home” related. Meaning they cook, clean, take care of the children and make sure that guests feel welcomed. The men often find jobs to support the family financially and children feared them because they were supposed to punish them if misbehaving. Remembering these gender roles in my culture made me curious and wonder why they still exist in modern day society. I also want to examine what ways we can change these beliefs without the culture disappearing. I hoped that my research would display other’s experiences with gender roles in their cultures to prove it is a serious issue that many of us go through. I had hypothesized that the reason why the gender roles still exist is because of old traditions and the fear of change.

Annotated Bibliography:

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The author of this article talks about “womanism”, a term that was brought up by Black women. The article features black motherhood and how mothers fight against gender roles in their cultures. The author shows interest in this topic and explains how womanism c...

... middle of paper ...

...nd cause on identity from the family. Most participants stated that they did not feel superior or inferior to their opposite gender. I believe if I asked this question to participants who I personally knew that grew up in an extremely strict household; I would get more “yes” than no” .
From this research, I learned that gender roles are still very active in traditional families to this day. The older generation and especially large families stay with old traditions. They are afraid of change and having an open mind. Their offsprings become more accepting in learning about gender roles and going against the norms because they are usually more educated and have had a some type of negative experience with fitting the role. Although there were some shocking results in my research, I believe overtime and maybe within a few years, gender roles will become more irrelevant.

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