Reflection On Sexual Identity

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Sexual Identity Gender Role In the beginning of time man was supposed to be the provider. He would go out and hunt and bring back the food for his wife to cook it. My perspective on what gender roles are plays heavily on my culture and religious background. My father always preached to us that the man is the head of the house; he is supposed to be the provider. Therefore, making sure bills are paid, food is on the table and a roof over his family heads is the man’s job. My mother fulfilled the stereotype role by making sure the house was kept, she had dinner cooked when my father came home, and she took care of us. It was not until my mother became tired of setting at home, did she return back to school and start her own business. My…show more content…
My parents brought me up in a very strict household. I was taught that GOD created man and woman to be together and not Adam and Steve. I had been aware of different sexual orientations, but never really understood what different sexual orientations were. It was not until I join the Army did I become more exposed to different sexual orientations. I learned a lot more in our Human Sexuality class this summer. I never really knew what polysexual and pansexual true was until we talked about it in class. I always thought that a polysexual person was the same thing as a threesome and pansexual was considered to be a…show more content…
With both of my parents being very religious, I was not educated on contraception. I was taught that I was not to have sexual intercourse until I was married and that sex was for procreation. Therefore, my parents did not feel there was a need to talk to me about ways to prevent pregnancy and sexual transmitted infections (STI). As I got older I hated I they made that choose for me because I left my life and future into another person’s hand to protect me. My parents and I spoke about them not telling me about different ways to protect myself a couple of years after I had my daughter. I wanted to know why was it so hard for them to be open and honest to me about sex and different precautions out there to prevent pregnancies and STIs. They both believed that at the time they were doing what they thought was right because of their religious beliefs and their past experiences. My mother was pregnant in her teens and my father was a virgin until he met my mother because he was heavily into church at a young age. My mother did not want me to be like she was pregnant at such an early age because she felt that was a generational curse she had on her side of the family and she wanted more for me. We all agree that I should have been informed of was to protect myself and now that I have a daughter I will make sure I inform

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