The Role Of Gender Roles In Present Day Marriage

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Imagine if we still lived in a world where gender roles in a marriage were dedicated to a specific spouse and were not equal. Now, look and ask yourself, “How are those roles different in today’s world?” Gender roles have a crucial responsibility in present day marriages, and have throughout history; however, roles in and outside of the home, including child care, have changed over time. For instance, for a significant part of the twentieth century gender roles between a husband and wife in a marriage were: the man as the provider and defender and the woman as housewife and caretaker. However, in recent years, the roles have been adjusted. Having said that, gender roles may be similar to the past in some households, but in many, gender roles are quite different when it comes to responsibilities inside and outside of the home and the roles the parents share in terms of childcare.
Currently, the arrangement for a marriage is an equivalent sharing of chores and other obligations within the home. Throughout the years, it has been discovered that marriage is no longer one spouse having to complete all the duties inside the home. Instead, marriage is
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Yet, years ago, marriage required that spouses be defined by roles with the husband being the wage earner and decision maker and the wife being marked as the homemaker. Nonetheless, obligations that used to be exclusively on the husband or wife are now achieved by the husband and wife together. Additionally, modern gender roles emphasize cooperation concerning childcare, family unit responsibilities and how money is earned. These days, husbands and wives are also viewed as equals who share power and control in the family. To sum up, a lot has changed with gender roles between then and now, and as the world progresses, more modifications are bound to take place as they did in the
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