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Gender inequality in the United States is a serious problem, and it is often overlooked. It is a big issue, especially within sports. We live in a society where our culture prefers men 's sports over women 's. Labeling activities as feminine and masculine is a social construction based on stereotyped expectations regarding gender and perceived gender differences (McCullick, 2012). In 1972 Title IX was passed stating that, no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. This opened up athletics to women and girls (Education Amendment Act of 1972, 1972). Although we are not being excluded from any participation in sports, we do not have equality in them, especially in professional basketball.
In professional basketball gender inequality is huge, but the biggest problem is the wage gaps between the WNBA (women 's national basketball association) and the NBA (national basketball association). When starting off, rookies who get drafted into the NBA start off making $412,718+, whereas in 2016 the rookie players in the WNBA only start off with $39,676 (Basketball Tips), this is the same pay that teachers receive. With receiving this low amount of pay, the women in the WNBA often have to get side jobs in order to pay their bills. The majority of them have to coach during the off-season. Female athletes struggle much more than men athletes do. They always have to cobble together money so they can pursue their dreams, whereas men, on the other hand, are signing $100 million contracts (Rummell, 2014).In this society nowadays it may not come as a surprise ...

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...ved to everyone that a women can dunk a basketball on multiple occasions during a game.
In the future we should start to think about how we can help improve the gender wage gap. If we start attending women’s games, support companies that advocate from women athletics, encourage television stations and newspapers to cover women’s sports, sign up to coach a girls’ sports team, whether at the recreational or high school level, encourage young women to participate in sports, and become an advocate: if you are or know a female athlete that is being discriminated against- advocate for her rights (Foundation, 2015), we can get awareness out there in the world, and that’s a start of improving the gender wage gap in athletics for women. We cannot just close the gender wage gap but we can start with the little things to make improvements to the differences in wage for women.

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