Gender in Society as portrayed in Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Right Woman and D.H. Lawrence's Give Her a Pattern

Gender in Society as portrayed in Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Right Woman and D.H. Lawrence's Give Her a Pattern

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In this essay I am going to show you how things like education, job and relationship between men and women have changed and things like support are still the same since Mary Wollstonecraft and D. H. Lawrence write about them. In the essay 'A Vindication of the Right of Woman' by Mary Wollstonecraft, the author urges women to reject their conventional image of weakness. Mary Wollstonecraft uses her style of diction to convince the reader of her ideas. D. H. Lawrence, in his essay, 'Give Her a Pattern' sketches some of the patterns imposed on women by men from eighteen to 21st century. Wollstonecraft and Lawrence, they both write about the positions of men and women in society in their respective times. Wollstonecraft writes in Victorian Age and Lawrence writes in late eighteenth, early ninetieth century. But if these two writers could rise from the dead and go to see a movie or watch a television show today, they would definitely see evidence that some of their ideas about society have changed such as career options, while few others such as the idea of ?the woman behind man? have remained the same.
According to Lawrence, women are trying to live up to men?s expectations of what a woman is. He writes that, ??the eternal secret ideal of men [is] the prostitute? (D. H. Lawrence 182). The author could see his thoughts reflected in the movie ?Pretty Woman?. In this film, he can see how a man treats a woman by buying her nice clothes

and doing things for her all the time. But actually it?s not for her, it is for his own pleasure. This ?gifts? and actions satisfy his needs to be with a woman that is not going to fall in love with him. Lawrence can see all of his ideas about the modern man who doesn?t know what he wants a...

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...he world. This show is all about how single women can be high in society without men. They have good jobs and a lot of money. There are lots of women like them in this modern society. If she watched that television show, she will realize that women are capable of living without men.
Our generation has been changed in different ways, but there are still some things that do not change over time. Those things are the same as Wollstonecraft and Lawrence thoughts. Some of them like career options, which includes job and education have changed a lot more and probably will keep changing in the future, too. They are changing in good way and in a way woman can be proud and live equal to men. I believe that those things staying the same, such as what the men expect the woman to be and to produce the best ideal of her, may remain in this order many centuries after this one.

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