Essay on Gender : Gender And Social Construction Of Gender

Essay on Gender : Gender And Social Construction Of Gender

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Society has been created around two separate genders, male or female. People have been uneducated on the fact that gender is more than just being a male or woman. Lorber argues that much of what we consider to be gender has no place in the natural order of things. Social construction is not something that is natural in the world, but is invented in society over time. Our gender identity can be influenced from ethnicity of a group, their historical and cultural background, or family values and religion. Gender differences can be found in construction of roles, relations, and identity. It's questionable about how we learn two genders to begin with, or how humans become to learn about their genders and others as well, how to use their gender in the right way, and how gender roles come about.
We must learn to know the difference between sex and gender to understand the concept of social construction of gender. Often people confuse or misuse the terms gender and sex. Gender and sex are very much embedded into each other that, many often mistaken them for the same. In reality, they are different words that have different meanings and interpretations. Biologically there are two types of reproductive genital organs that determine sex; the vagina and penis. Sex is about the physical difference in men and women bodies due to difference in gene and chromosomes. Gender is a created by a continuous process of teaching, learning and enforcement by generations over generations (Lorber, 56). It’s a social construct that is influenced by culture and society that defines man-woman relationships that can change. Sex is the biological category and gender is the sociology category. Gender construction starts from birth. We first get an assignment t...

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...t as a society we are starting to become more acceptable with change. Gender can change, but will always be socially constructed and have roles and norms that we will always be accustomed too.
Since childhood we are taught to act, look, and be a certain way from the influences of our parents and society. Gender stereotypes and expectations have existed from our ancestor's time, and because of this people were able to form gender identity. This demonstrates how social norms have a big impact on gender expectations. We have to remember that our sex is only a piece of us, it doesn’t determine who we really are. Overtime we will pick our own genders whether it's a little boy who wants to wear girl clothes at an early age or a woman who feels more comfortable being a male. Society will evolve and things with gender may stay the same or make changes for the better.

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