Gender Equality Is A Major Issue Among Developing Economies Essay

Gender Equality Is A Major Issue Among Developing Economies Essay

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Gender equality is a major issue amongst today’s current events. Organisations, groups and protests have sprung up in accordance with third wave feminism which shines light directly on women in the work force and their role in it. Whilst this has mainly been an issue dealt with by developed nations, a more inquisitive look into the role of gender equality can be found in the development of developing economies. Gender inequality is an issue that plagues developing nations and only through a thorough understanding of it can any important change be done. Whilst professionals in the field of development all agree that gender equality is critical, evidence can only be found in real world examples and theories that aim to improve equality. This essay will attempt to identify the issues that developing nations struggle with in the area of gender equality, it will then categorise and utilise real work practical and theoretical ideas in an attempt to explain and provide indication as to why gender equality is pivotal to the development of developing economies.
Before providing countless arguments and reasoning as to why gender equality is pivotal to development and the economy, we must first understand the issues that must be tackled when delving into this subject. These issues create hurdles in the way of gender equality, and slows it down in its progression to provide development to the global economy. In her book, “Risk, Vulnerability and Social Protection: International Perspectives”, Naila Kabeer outlines ‘A Three Dimensional Model’ to identify these issues. These three dimensions consist of; Gender specific constraints, gender intensified inequalities and imposed forms of gender disadvantage. Kabeer goes on to explain that gender ...

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...n developing nations. Furthermore, ideas gathered from real world practical and theoretical examples have been used in order to create evidence for the idea that gender equality is pivotal to development in developing economies. Therefore, when officials in the field of development argue that gender equality is important for growth in developing nations, only through a thorough understanding of the issues and the ideas that are aiming to tackle them, can we provide proper results to their statements. Ultimately, even though gender equality is shined upon greatly in the western and developed worlds, arguably a more important light must be shined upon the struggles and issues that developing nations face with the same issues, and furthermore, the greater good that can come out of that focus on developing nations, not only to them, but the greater global economy itself.

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