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Gender Equality In Russia Essay

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Since the beginning of the Soviet Union period, equality between men and women in the country has not yet been granted. One of the central points of the Bolshevik revolution and the Soviet Constitution gave women guaranteed equal rights, thought Russian government still has not kept up with its promises to women along with many other issues. Male citizens in Russia still have the majority of the rights in the country. Failure to resolve this matter, the Russian government has drafted laws that prohibit gender discrimination in the Russia workforce, which never were passed.
During the Russian industrialization period, the government women were granted more jobs in order to aid production and stimulate the Russian economy, in the 1930s. Women were still forbidden to occupations with higher salaries than men. In 1965 during the Kosygin reforms and still today, women are encouraged to leave the outside work and stay at home to tend to their families. In 1970s women were granted financial aids to their first three children, while families with no children were taxed in order to increase the low birth rates n Russia at the time. All of these attempts from the soviets were issued to keep male supremacy in the work-force.
Today, 46.9% of the employed population in Russia is made up of women. Most women in the work-force (85%) are in public health service. Women in the country are reduced to few jobs and forced to accept low wages. Women make up 74.2% of the unemployed

population in the country and because of no fixed salary, some women who can actually obtain a job are only paid a third of what male employees are paid monthly. Much of the gender discr...

... middle of paper ...

...lly end sexual discrimination by creating stronger penalties to employers who deny women a decent occupation and to increase wages for women in Russia to a point where a single mother can support and provide to her children.
Other realistic solutions to this problem and are considered that or already put in motion by the Russian government and other officials are: Training programs for occupations that are available fairly for both sexes. Amend the Russian constitution in order to eradicate any parts that may keep a woman from a job by means only of gender. Allow women to have a choice on whether or not to accept government or other supports provided from their occupation for parental functions, and lastly create stronger penalties to those who commit crimes such as domestic violence in order to provide a greater ratio of equality between men and women.

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