Gender Diversity in Corporate a Governance Report Essay example

Gender Diversity in Corporate a Governance Report Essay example

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This report gives the brief overview of the concept of corporate governance, its evolution and its significance in the corporate sector. The report highlights various key issues and concerns that are faced by the organizations while effectively implementing and promoting Corporate Governance.
Gender Diversity has been considered a key issue in the Corporate Governance and the details about how the organizations have worked on improving the women’s representation in the Boardroom composition has also been discussed. Several examples have been given about the board room composition of various companies and the number of female professionals in it.
The report also highlights the implementation of gender diversity in various S&P Companies, Fortune 500 Companies and the patterns followed in various UK-based companies. Several academic findings have been also included to provide information about the trends that are likely to be developed in coming years. The cost-benefit analysis has also been included to identify the concerns that the organizations have to address. Lastly, the report highlights the various steps that the management and the leadership can take towards efficient and effective corporate governance.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance implies governing a company/organization by a set of rules, principles, systems and processes. It guides the company about how to achieve its vision in a way that benefits the company and provides long-term benefits to its stakeholders. In the corporate business context, stake-holders comprise board of directors, management, employees and with the rising awareness about Corporate Social Responsibility; it includes shareholders and society as well. The principles which...

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...a growth in female representation in the boards of the technology companies, where 66% of the companies have one female director, which is a much better figure than what it was in 2012 (60% of the female representation).

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