Essay on Gender And Women 's Studies

Essay on Gender And Women 's Studies

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Through out my adolescence and now as a young adult, I have always taken an interest in the discussion of gender and women’s studies. I have always questioned the status quo and for the last couple of days I have embarked to be critically observant to the communication that is influenced by gender around me. As I began this class, I had just returned from a month long visit to Colombia where I spent time with family. As both a feminist and the by-product of two differing cultures, it was interesting to find the ways in which the culture my aunts participated in was more “traditional” than I expected. Both the culture at home and the mass media messages in the country were indicative of a dynamic where a woman is expected to be “polite, neat, emotionally expressive, and well behaved”, while males are expected to be “independent and emotionally controlled and for participating in physical activity” (Linde, J. & Edson, B., (2014). Women, for the most part, are still expected to maintain the house and to take care of children, regardless of whether they contribute to the house financially or not. These expectations are seen as the norm.
Consequently, when I came back to work from my vacation, our manager sent out a text explaining to us that the owners wanted the sales team to dress nicer and to wear more make up on shift in order to look more presentable to the customers. The sales team is entirely composed of women and in contrast, the owners are all male. Due to this, they often fail to realize the full implications of a request like this. Having to put on make up itself may seem like a mundane thing, but it is something that not all women like to do and therefore, it should not be the norm in order to abide by their perceived sta...

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..., B., (2014). In theory, the same can be said about the media, in which children learn not only by watching and imitating others, but also by watching and imitating what they see in the media. This holds an array of issues if we think about the constant need to portray young girls and young boys in different ways, with an emphasis on the female either being well behaved or rebellious with daddy issues, and the male counterpart either participating in physical activity with a need to be independent while exerting his power over others.
In conclusion, I think unfortunately history has not been on women’s side and biology was used to make anyone other than the hetero white men seem like less than for a long period of time. This affects the gender communication to this day since we are slowly starting to see more research disproving the male-sided rhetoric of the past.

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