Gender And Gender Stereotypes And How They Have An Impact On Children Essay

Gender And Gender Stereotypes And How They Have An Impact On Children Essay

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In this assignment it will discuss gender and gender stereotypes and how they have an impact on children. Social class will also be discussed within the assignment along with how it affects children and how it impacts on their lives. This assignment will be split into two sections. Section A will be based on Gender while Section B focuses on social class.

Section A - Gender

In this section of the assignment it will focus on gender. Gender stereotypes will also be discussed and how they have an impact on children’s lives. When children can expressive themselves they will be able label themselves as boy or girl this is called Gender Identity. (Gender Identity Development in Children, 2015). When children reach the age of four they can start to develop gender role types of behaviour, they might state “that’s for boys” or “that’s for girls”. At this age children can make choices on which toys they want to play which is generally based on their gender. For example a girl might choose to play with dolls and role play costumes. Whereas a boy may decide to play with toy soldiers and toy cars. “There is evidence that from 3 or 4 years, children are able to categorise toys as suitable for boys or girls” (Woodward, K, 2004;Pg56). There can be many reasons why children sometimes have gender stereotypes, they can originate from parents and families and can be continued through their education and their future careers. “These attitudes and behaviours are generally learned first in the home and then reinforced by the child’s peers, School experience and TV viewing.” (Witt, S. D, 1997;Pg1). Parents are a huge influence towards gender role type of behaviour. When the children and young they might dress their child in gender specific colours an...

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...because the peers may state that “they are for girls”. Popular culture and media will also have an influence on gender stereotypes. When visiting the shops products they sell will also reinforce gender stereotypes, products such as towels, bedding and clothes will all have gender typed messages (Freeman, 2007). Media is also very influential, as it publishes adverts that support gender role behaviour, dolls might be promoted in an advert and there will be girls play with the dolls however no boys will be shown in the advertisements. Whereas if the advert promoted toys cars then it will normally consist of boys playing with the cars.

Education that the child is enrolled in can also reinforce gender stereotypes even if it is unintentional. “Teachers have tremendous influences on how children develop ideas of gender and gender signicance” Olaylyd E. Aina, 2011:Pg13).

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