Essay on Gender and Diversity Conflict in Teams

Essay on Gender and Diversity Conflict in Teams

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For a team to be successful there are several factors that have to be addressed in order for a fluent, functioning group of individuals combined to achieve a certain goal. This goal can be a variety of different endings from producing minor results to making decisions that create a major impact on a large scale. Within a team environment conflict is always presence. Conflict is essential to the advancement of teams and must be managed in a proper way to avoid destruction and division amongst the group of individuals. From sports, to education, and the workplace teamwork is present in everyday life. As a human race we all work in different team oriented situations in order to accomplish a variety of tasks.
For instance, the Rye High School soccer club suffers from internal teamwork issues that involves diversity interaction disorder and lack of leadership from an interpersonal level. With the new addition of a foreign player from Colombia, a new batch of freshman players at the varsity level, and the hiring of a female coach on a men’s team there is conflict present that is dividing the team and its leaders from working towards their goals of winning games and learning how to work with one another. These types of problem within a sports team are prevalent around the world. A language barrier and integrating different cultures in this situation has created a negative tension that is dividing the team. Numerous players and coaches on the team are unfamiliar with how to deal with working as a team with a new member that has come from different upbringings and tradition of how to work on athletic team such as soccer. The practices are different. Communication has been minimalized creating a disruption of teamwork in a sport where talki...

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...ces that has landed her in this coaching position. Getting more involved with the players and showing them that female leadership is identical of what a male can do over time with bond the team and its players and build a relationship of player and coach that will result in more organized practices and better skills.

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