Essay on The Garcia Administration's Counter-Actions Against Narco-Terrorism

Essay on The Garcia Administration's Counter-Actions Against Narco-Terrorism

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The Peru government defined drug threat action during 2007. President Garcia approved however sever action against drug threats similar to Colombia. Government curbed efforts being through 2007 by the Shining Path. The Jane's Security summary reads, "In July 2007, the Garcia administration launched four separate but connected plans, designed to improve security in four regions in which the central government has historically enjoyed only tenuous control" ("Jane's Sentinel Security Assessment", 2011). The government linked to a failed administration selected drug threat action with four plans to include Plan Putumayo, Plan Costa Norte, Plan Huallaga, and Plan Valleys of the Rivers Apurímac and Ene (VARE). The President Garcia method of 2007 as second leading coca producer internationally, actions for non kinetic targeting, however using military brigade forces with low success against a recovered drug threat at VARE.
President Garcia defined regional drug threat as both Peruvian and Colombian. The Jane's security summary reads, "Despite some ambiguities in interpretation, the statistics confirm a clear trend of drug cultivation and production being displaced from Colombia and towards Peru" ("Jane's Sentinel Security Assessment", 2011). The officials method compared links of threat groups for use of brigade forces at VARE. President Garcia actions to a regional brigade force similar to Colombia. The Peru Press writes, ""Colombian model" that has managed to eliminate important members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the Peruvian Army Intelligence has started an in-depth restructuring of its entire organization with the purpose of focusing on the destruction of the Shining Path top leaders in t...

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...ity fights. Brigade forces stated drug threats of Shining Path and FARC. The VARE links to threat groups for a similar fight with both Peru and Columbia. The threat regrouped by doctrine of multiple levels sustain funds of drug threats. The military security defeated before by meager Shining Path. The threat regrouped doctrine of critical failures allowing for sustain funds to indigenous people and Indians.

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