The Gandhian Conception Essay examples

The Gandhian Conception Essay examples

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Gandhian Conception
It is against, this background that Gandhian concepts appear to resolve the issue of Human Rights in contemporary world. Gandhi was pragmatic enough to realize that attainment of human freedom was beset with many problems. “Life is not one straight road. There are so many complexities in it. It is not like a train which once started, keeps on running” . In Gandhi's view, from the down civilization, the rights of man have been a refuge against arbitrary use or determined depredation by the human right, a rallying cry of resistance to tyranny and oppression. With the passage of time, these rights gained recognition in a systematic way in different forms in various parts of the world, these rights found expression in a number of declarations and institutional frameworks. Important Contributions made so far, however, lack conceptual totality of human rights and are mainly western.
The Gandhian thought has a dynamic concept of human rights, universal in its approach, comprehensive in its content and reaffirming the principle that man is the measure of the Universe.

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