Essay on Games : An Asynchronous Social Gaming Platform

Essay on Games : An Asynchronous Social Gaming Platform

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FitPlay Games is an asynchronous social gaming platform where individuals from various backgrounds and lifestyles can find a fitness game that consistently challenges and motivates them. Each game on the platform has its own set of strategies, giving all players a way to ‘win’ that best suits their needs; this allows both the fitness novice and maven to enjoy a fighting chance at success. All games are based on step-counts and use an asynchronous style of play, allowing players to resume the game at times that work best with their schedule. The games allow players to invite and challenge their friends. FitPlay Games is currently implemented as a native Android mobile app, which pulls data from the Fitbit API (Skriloff, Gonzalez, Christensen, Bentley, & Mortensen, 2016).
The goals of FitPlay Games are as follows:
- To motivate the user to exercise more and continue the use of a fitness tracker.
- To appeal to different player types: novices and gurus, busy and flexible schedules, and various gaming preferences.
- To serve as a research platform to understand asynchronous social exercise games.
Each game was designed to have a sibling game, allowing us to gather data on positive versus negative motivations for game play. For example, “Hot Potato” and “Capture the Crown” are mirror opposites. While Hot Potato only has one loser, steal the crown only has one winner. With this feature, I will be able to understand which groups are more motivated by winning and which are more motivated by fear of losing. For this thesis four games were designed: “Hot Potato”, “Capture the Crown”, “Weak Link” and “Skyscraper” but only two of them were implemented and tested: “Hot Potato” and “Capture the Crown”.
4.1 How to use FitPlay G...

... middle of paper ... X steps in the next 24 hours” and has a list of all of the prior people who have met their goal and added a link to the chain. When someone fails to meet the goal, the chain breaks, the game ends, and all players are notified of who the weak link was and the overall chain length and participants. The player who didn’t reach the goal is the loser. The total chain length is a team score, while the number of chain links that each person added is an individual score. Skyscraper (designed, not implemented)
This is Weak Link’s sibling game, where all players work to reach an increasing daily step goal. A new skyscraper level is added for each participant when they meet the step goal. When none of the players meet the daily goal, the game ends. The winner is the person with the most levels added and the total number of levels on the building acts as a team score.

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