Essay about Future Success: Cast Vision and Set Your Goals

Essay about Future Success: Cast Vision and Set Your Goals

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Everyone has the ability to cast a vision and most of us do it every day. We make comments about what could, or should be – suggestions about how to improve our life, our friend’s life, our life at work. Vision casting is a directional skill that allows us to recognize the need for change, and when to make it. Whether you’re leading a Fortune 500 company, a small business, or a group of volunteers, a leader must have the ability to communicate the team’s goal, in a clear, concise and compelling manner. Identifying a vision is simply not enough; it takes a leader with original ideas, that can answer tough questions, and who will focus confidently on the end result – that being specific, realistic, and attainable goals. If leaders hope to achieve trust when casting their vision, they must also adopt new tactics in effectively inspiring, coaching, and learning to negotiate. Only then will a team perform at a higher level.

"God didn’t make you a leader so that you could merely reside in a position,
but God made you a leader to move people from here to there. To make people
so discontent with the way things are." (Mancini, 2013).

Vision and Goals
In becoming an effective leader, one should consider the six steps of goal setting process, which begins with the aforementioned vision and goals, accompanied by objectives, tasks, timeliness and follow-up.
First, the vision of the company must be clear to you. In turn, leaders are able to clearly communicate it to others. The second step, the goals, captures active participation from the team to establish the framework of the vision. Objectives provide the clarity, and are the definable measurement towards the end result – the real strategy. Tasks are tangible. They are the means to ...

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