The Funding for College Education Essay

The Funding for College Education Essay

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As colleges’ funds dry up, colleges must turn to the public to further support higher education. By raising state taxes, colleges can collect funds to help improve the school’s budgets. The state provides funds from the taxes for colleges to receive a certain amount for each student currently enrolled. All community and traditional four year colleges collect these funds in order to maintain the school’s budget. As reporter, Eric Kelderman states, “less than a third of colleges’ budget is based from state taxes”. The school’s budget is how colleges are able to provide academic support programs, an affordable intuition, and hire more counselors. Colleges must now depend on state taxes more than ever for public colleges. Without collecting more funds from state taxes, as author, Scott Carlson explains how Mr. Poshard explains to senators “our public universities are moving quickly toward becoming private universities…affordable only to those who have the economic wherewithal to them” (qtd. in.) Public colleges must be affordable to anyone who wishes to attend. If colleges lack to provide this to students, it can affect dropouts, a student’s ability focus, and cause stress. The problem of lack of funding is that colleges have insufficient funds. Therefore, the best possible solution for the problem of lack of funding would be increasing and collecting more funds from state taxes.
Collecting funds from the state’s taxes is an effective solution because students get more academic support programs, which decreases dropouts. In Discounted Dreams, journalist, John Merrow interviews Kay McClenney who explains, “I do think it's a concern students tell us year after year that the most important service is academic planning and advising”....

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...t generation to academically succeed and receive college degrees. If more students can graduate with a degree, not only are they improving themselves but their community around them such as with the economy.

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