Essay on Frontline : The Card Game

Essay on Frontline : The Card Game

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Frontline: The Card Game
Credit Cards. They are now apart of everyone 's lives. Credit cards allow people to make purchases on almost anything by borrowing money from banks and credit card businesses. Most people use them as their daily payment choice over cash. But over the years, credit cards have become a risky business for consumers to use. The lending of cash has hurt as many people as it has helped, due to the development of th money-making machine this is for banks and credit companies. With the popularity of credit and debit cards growing over cash, the card game has only just begun.
The use of credit cards do have their benefits. Credit cards tend to be more convenient for shopping because they’re effortless to carry around and they make it painless to return purchases. They also make tracking of spending a lot simpler due to the credit card statements. But, they also are have their disadvantages. Credit cards make it easier for consumers to spend more than what they can afford. They also mean more paperwork for people to go through.
Almost three decades ago, credit cards...

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