Essay about Friendship And The True Meaning

Essay about Friendship And The True Meaning

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Philosophers have discuss and debate about friendship and the true meaning to be a friend to others Aristotle have given requirements as well as qualities a friend possession within different types of friendships. He debates that a good man does not need friends but the points he brings up proves that a good man can not live a pleasant life in solitary.
Many believe this to be true based off of Aristotle points that a good man does not need friends as long as they are self sufficient and blessedly happy (63). Aristotle defends that theory by stating that a good man already has all his goods, which would make him self sufficient in itself and as long as the man is good than he does not need friendship. If a friendship were to emerge between a man who is happy and self sufficient and a man who was not, the friendship would falter because the good man does not benefit from the relationship. A self-sufficient man does not need a friend of utility because he has everything he needs to strive in life. As well as not requiring friendship, a good man does not desire a relationship for pleasure. This is because a good man’s life is pleasant enough in itself that he does not wish to pursue a partner of pleasure (64). A good self sufficient man would not need to add things to his life to be happy.
While giving reasons as to why a man does not need friendship, Aristotle also discusses why a man may need a friendship of some sort. On page 63 of Nicomachean Ethics Book 9, he states that it is absurd for an excellent man to not be granted a friend because friends may be the greatest external good. In defense of this, life would seem uneventful or lonely if someone did not have another to turn to either in most joyous times or the darkest of...

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...may or may not need friends, but overall he leans toward the opinion that excellent men need friendship. Despite being a good and self sufficient a man can not go through a whole life time with developing a relationship. Just because an excellent man does not need to rely on another, does not mean he has no need for them. A friend would be needed in a good man’s life for praise in good situation and encouragement and sympathy when in distressed. An excellent man would also need a friend because a friend is a mirror of oneself and they take pleasure in doing virtuous acts which attracts other good men; with having a good man as a friend, an excellent man can view any flaws in a friend that he may not see in himself. An excellent man would need to develop at least one friendship with another good man because that contributes to a man’s life pleasant and good in itself.

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