Essay on Freshman 15 : How Much Will You Gain?

Essay on Freshman 15 : How Much Will You Gain?

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Freshman 15: How much will you gain?

It is not typically easy for a person to maintain their weight to exactly what

they want all the time. Being happy with your weight comes from hard work,

determination, and maintaining a healthy diet. Teenager’s bodies especially, are always

changing due to their daily activity levels and diet. The beginning of college is a new and

exciting time in a teenager’s life where so many things are changing and transforming. In

the beginning of college, people are adjusting to their new lives and homes, away from

their parents and friends. Many people are accustoming to the difference in work load

which causes a lot of stress and anxiety among many students. Depression often comes

from breaking away from family and friends, and can also come from not making friends

as easily in a new environment. Peer pressure is also a major factor, especially when

dealing with alcohol. Although it is still illegal to anyone under the age of 21, alcohol

plays a huge role in the college party life and in the weight gain of freshman college

students. Even though these students strive to maintain their diets, daily stress and

depression have seemed to cause the so-called Freshman 15 weight gain through the new

found freedom of alcohol.

Alcohol is said through many sources to be one of the leading causes to the

weight gain of freshman college students. The term that is mainly used to describe this

freshman weight gain is called the “Freshman 15”. This is described as the weight that is

gained during a students first year of college. Whether or not it be 15 pounds gained, new

life changes lead to this development. There are many reasons for the possible weight

gain of college student...

... middle of paper ...

...l. Pertaining to parties, it

is a good idea to have one or two non alcoholic drinks along with alcoholic drinks

(Martin). There are many ways to keep a good diet and to control your body if students

just make the effort to do so.

College transitions seem to be very hard to control. It is a whole new routine to

follow and new things to get used to. Stress and Depression of many factors can lead to

mass alcohol consumption. Little do people know is how much it can affect their bodies

and how much weight they can easily gain from it. The “freshman 15” term is often

spoken about among many incoming college students as many people have the fear of it.

Many people go into college saying that their going to make the efforts to go to the

school gym regularly and eat healthy, but realistically when students come to college, it’s

a whole different story.

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