The French Revolution And Its Impact On Today 's World Essay

The French Revolution And Its Impact On Today 's World Essay

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ver the long period of time that humans walked upon the face of the earth, there have been numerous technological innovations, some dating back to the Stone Age. Even though they did not have the kind of advanced technologies, we have today, the people of the eighteenth and nineteenth century invented great technologies that influenced their society and continue to have a profound impact on today’s technology. The eighteenth century was met with countless of new inventions, technical breakthroughs, and new innovations. The French Revolution drastically changed the scene in France. The steam locomotive and diesel engine were two of the technological innovations that revolutionized societies in the nineteenth century. Invented in England in 1814, Steam locomotive was one of the technological inventions that revolutionized the world. The first real world locomotive was manufactured and made by Richard Trevithick. With four driving wheels, Steam locomotive had smooth wheels operating on smooth metal rails, its success showed that enough traction could be accomplished without using gear wheels and a cogged or toothed track. Trevithick locomotive exhausted its steam into the stack of the engine’s firebox; this provided a forced conscription for the blast in the firebox and was used on all subsequent steam locomotives.
This innovation was given a different touch when George Stephenson was asked to repair the Newcomen engine. Seeing how slow and inefficient the engine was, Stephenson designed a steam engine that gets rid of heat loss, warming and cooling pistons. The innovation of steam locomotive had great impacts in the then European societies. First amongst them are urbanization and industrialization. This invention created jobs, pull...

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...nge to existing internal combustion technology, with great potential for fuel efficiency, utilization of low-grade fuels, and adaptability of specialized land and marine uses. A commercial implementation of diesel power, nevertheless, turned out a strenuous job. In America, the diesel made a grim record for fifteen years, achieving only token acceptance of one engine type. This was because the American diesel industry was initially controlled by a patent monopoly held by Adolphus Busch of Saint Louis, who, from 189 to 1912, formed three successive companies to exploit the engine industry.

Diesels had numerous advantages compared to steam locomotives. First, because of their higher thermal efficiency, diesels required less fuel to do the same useful work. Diesel engines are the engines of choice for most trucks, locomotives, ships, buses, and stationary power plants.

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