French Revolution : An Influential Period Essay

French Revolution : An Influential Period Essay

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French Revolution was an influential period which brought major changes to the society and government in France. The revolution began in 1789 and lasted until 1799, causing comprehensive effects on the rest of Europe. During the 10 years of the Revolution, France was transformed from an absolute monarchy to a republic of free and equal citizens.
A variety of social, political and economic circumstances led to beginning of the French Revolution. French society consisted of three groups, called estates. The first estate was made up of members of the clergy; seconds of nobles and the third estate were the rest of the French citizens. Peasant formed the largest section in the third estate. The third estate resented the other estates for having unfair advantages. The clergy and Nobles did not have to pay most taxes, leaving the third estate to provide the country’s revenue. The Wealthy were living life at ease, comfort and recreation while 97% of others were struggling to keep themselves and their families alive. A financial crisis in 1788, caused partly by the French involvement in the American Revolutionary war almost sent the country bankrupt, the subject of borrowing money and raising taxes caused Louis XVI to call a meeting of the ‘General estates’. The General estates were a body of representatives of the three estates.
On the 5th of May 1989 in Versailles the meeting of the General estates took places. The members of the first two estates wanted all the estates to vote separately by estate. Whereas the third estate demanded the estates be merged as one, so that each representative may have one vote. They also wanted a constitution to be written. Louis VXI along with the representatives of the other two estate...

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...itution in 1795 called the Directory. A number of political leaders rebelled against the Directory’s provisions, and began plotting to overthrow the Directory. They turned to Napoleon Bonaparte (A French General). He seized Control of the Government on November 9th 1799 making himself the dictator of France, thus ending the French Revolution.
The events that occurred as a result of the French Revolution have both Positive and Negative aspects. The collapse of the Economy and Finances, dethroning of the King, constant constitutional changes and the reign of terror were all negative. But without the negatives, the positives such as the equality of law and rights spread of democracy and a higher standard of living wouldn’t have been achieved. The French Revolution created foundations for a unified state and a strong Government with free and equal citizens.

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