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After both the English Civil War (1642 - 1646) and the French and Indian War (1754 - 1763) the British Crown had to find a method to pay recompense for the wars. The contributed to American colonies struggles with their mother country. Because during the colonization of the New World instead of applying an authoritarian rule, like the European powers of Spain and France. The British on the other hand, gave New England more rein, in letting them rule themselves which gave them an opportunity to run a Self- Government. By taking a closer look at both prospectives from the British and the American sides, one can better understand the reason English Americans wanted to break ties with their mother country. In spite of the fact that some scholars quarrel over who began the War of Independents, the British Crown was the one who set in motion the opposition of the colonies that lead to the War of Independents because of its tightening on the economy, and government.

The American Revolution started in as a response to the British government’s, limiting the flow of trade and currency to the New World. Firstly, the Navigation Acts, which the British Government issued ( 1651 - 1817 ) to control the follow of trade. From exporting of products to the New World to exports, taxing the colonies to make more prophet. As the British control the flow of income to the New World, meaning they also had a monopoly over one of the most profitable exports ( tobacco) in the New World. The Navigation Acts also profited English Shipbuilders and English Sailors, because of a law that states “ Only English-owned ships with a majority of English crew could conduct read with Great Britain”. These were a few of the first steps that the British Government t...

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...fect”. However, in further paragraphs, Thomas state that America would have eventually been able to gain stability, without the help from Great Britain. Because the British let the New World run as a self- government, eventually colonies started to question the rights such the traditional freedom of having fair representation in the British court. Later generating the phrase “ taxation without representation” and mentioned in The Declaration of Independents, were the thirteen colonies directly attack the Dieu et mon droit ( God and my Right ) of the king. During meetings to defend American liberty, the house of congress decided to take action in repealing of the Intolerable acts.

Lastly although both countries had many differences, they also shared some similarity such as the Enlightenment, control by the British Crown, and support for the British crown.

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