The Free Healthcare System During The United States Essay

The Free Healthcare System During The United States Essay

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Consequences due to this terrible healthcare system has resulted in century old diseases that are virtually non-existent in other countries, there has been reappearance in significant numbers in diseases such as leprosy, typhoid fever and tuberculosis all of which are managed and/or eliminated in places like the U.S (Nordlinger 38). So the question now remains, after thoroughly analyzing the specific detail regarding the free healthcare system in Cuba and not relying on a biased opinion of a one sided viewpoint, is it really a system that other countries should follow? This is just one of the many examples that the Cuban government uphold to such strong socialist values. There is a shortage of doctors in the healthcare system in Cuba when there actually shouldn’t be, that is due to the fact that the Cuban government sends hundreds of doctors to friendly neighboring countries to advertise the free healthcare system that it offers as well as it being a “humanitarian” gesture, thanks to Castro (Thornton 15). The truth is, Cuba receives 7 billion dollars of hard currency per year by se...

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