The Four Traits Of A Game Essay

The Four Traits Of A Game Essay

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The four traits of a game include “goals, rules, feedback and voluntary participation” (McGonigal 21). The goals give a sense of purpose, rules promote strategic thinking, feedback gives the motivation to keep playing, and voluntary participation makes the game feel safe and pleasurable. “Pong,” one of the first video games to come into the mainstream that consisted of a vertical sliding bars and a small square block that acted like a ball; the goal was to prevent the ball from going off of the screen. The game required less than 8kb of memory in 1972. Today, games are requiring upwards of 30 GB, which is 30,000,000kb! Another example is an average size of a picture taken by modern smartphones are 3000kb. This kind of memory is needed to increase the polygon count so then it can be a more accurate representation of what reality looks like. This makes the object appear smoother to our eyes because it becomes increasingly more difficult to see the all the individual shapes and thus gives a higher level of detail. With video games rising in popularity overall having “83% of young people ages 8-18 have a video console at home” (Glazer 941). When including smartphone games, there are 183 million active gamers in the United States alone; that’s more than half the population! This shows that there could be a profound effect on the minds of Americans as well as people in other countries who have access to video games.
Logical fallacies come up a lot in the stories the media had portrayed. Mass shootings are often blamed on video games for inducing a violent behavior, claiming the behavior wasn 't present before. Some games intentionally cause distress in the player and activate their fight or flight reaction, causing a habit of that respo...

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... 600,000 as of 2015 reported by the United States Census Bureau. The social aspect of games surprised Jones, "I had in my head the rather common stereotype that gamers play alone with their faces glued to the screen” (Snider).
There are many other things that could argued as violent. For example wrestling is like combat training, football tackling each other, movies like the hunger games where children are forced to murder each other, or books like Lord of the Flies that gives graphic descriptions of rotting carcasses are all widely accepted forms entertainment. There are advantages to playing games video games can definitely be good for someone 's health, because it stimulates brain growth by encouraging a higher level of thinking, they relieves stress by disengaging the mind from current stressful thoughts and strengthen social bonds from the communities it forms.

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