Four Spiritual Laws: Methods of Evangelism Essays

Four Spiritual Laws: Methods of Evangelism Essays

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Four Spiritual Laws
Summary of Method – The method that I choose was “Four Spiritual Laws.” The basic summary of this method of evangelism is there are four simple and straight forward points that evangelist must present in order to reach the person who is being evangelized. In other words, these four laws are constant and are needed in order to understand the Gospel and salvation. These laws include: God loves you, man is sinful and separated from God, Jesus Christ is God's only provision for man's sin, and we must individually receive Jesus as Savior and Lord.
Advantages of Using This Method: The Four Spiritual Laws has many advantages. The first one is that it starts off on a positive note. It starts with “God loves you.” That is actually very refreshing for a non-believer to hear. For many who have not converted yet to Christianity, they may feel as if God does not love them because of their sin however this could not be farther from the truth. God loves everything within his creation which is helpful for a non-believer to hear. Two more advantages that it has is its brevity and is organization. With this method the evangelist can be brief since there are only four laws that come with it. Non-believers may be turned off if the message is too lengthy or even difficult to understand. Thus by shorting it to four simple concise laws, it not only makes it easy for the evangelist to remember and state, but also keeps the non-believer interested and knowledgeable of the Gospel.
Disadvantages of Using This Method – There happen to be a couple of disadvantages to this method as well. The first is one is that it over-simplifies the process of being converted and the Gospel. The fact that those who are being preached to by the message ha...

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...t way to evangelize is to be brief, get the message across clearly and allowing the non-believer to ask questions at their own pace. This will make the non-believer feel like they are in control and not make them feel bombarded with information.

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