Religion Conversion And Conversion Essay

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The differences between spiritual transformation and conversion can be made by giving the distinction between spirituality and religion that now dominates much of the scientific study of religion. Psychologists define conversion as a radical transformation of self and these definitions emphasize intrapersonal processes. Spiritual transformation is expressed in nonconventional religious language and often in opposition to religious institutions from the individual has converted. The concept of deconversion careers makes clear that from some converts, a variety of conversion experiences can be expected. This specially characterizes converters to a new religious movement, the majority of whom can be expected to leave within a few years. Deconversion The term context is broad and vague enough to incorporate historical, social, cultural and interpersonal situations that make conversion and transformation possible. The effort to dichotomize theories of conversion /transformation often focus on whether or not precipitating event can be identified, and if so, within what time frame they operate. It has been seen how proponent of sudden conversions often cite crises or emotional events as the turning point, however it has been noted that crises vary in length, scope, and duration. The classification of conversion motifs is helpful into directing research into factors in the conversion process that have been long ignored and among these interpersonal relationships between the potential convert and the advocate. The advocate is often a friend who initiates and sustains the potential convert in the group. Sometimes simple factors such as marriage convert one partner. It is not likely that conversion as a process can be identified in temporal terms as having been completed once for all. After conversion, commitment and participation can be expected to vary. Is not uncommon for convert to a new religious movement to follow conversion career, joining and leaving a variety of religious groups over

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