Four Fields of HRM Function Essay

Four Fields of HRM Function Essay

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1.1 Background to Research
One of the first explicit statements made on Human resource management was given by Michigan School (Fomburn et al, 1984) where they said that human resource systems and the organization structure should be managed in a way that is congruent with organizational strategy. Human resource management is a strategic approach of managing people in an organization. It is also sometimes considered synonymous to personnel management. Miller (1987) suggests that HRM is all about those decisions and actions concerning the employees at all levels and are related to the strategies that aim to gain competitive advantage. HRM is a wide discipline which deals with recruitment, induction, payroll, employee management, time management, performance appraisals, training, retirement, termination and other. A very important aspect of HRM is performance management, which involves informing company‘s goals and mission to the personnel, setting standards of performance, evaluating and measuring them, helping employees to improve and grow further. The goal of HRM is to help an organization to meet strategic goals by attracting and maintaining employees, and also to manage them effectively.
Dave Ulrich (1997) defines four fields of HRM function which are strategic business partner, change management, employee champion and administration. “Performance measurement is the process of assessing progress toward achieving predetermined goals, while performance management is building on that process adding the relevant communication and action on the progress achieved against these goals” (Bourne, et al 2003). Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood (2000) suggest that human resource builds intangible assets for the organization. These organizat...

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• Benefits of employee satisfaction, retention and high morale and how it has effect on company’s success?
• How a motivated and well managed manpower leads to better customer service and high profits.
1.7 Research Questions
1. What is the relationship between performance management function and employee commitment?
2. What is the performance management system at Primark stores Oxford Street?
3. How does performance appraisal influence employee morale, and how does it impact the company’s profits?
4. What is the impact of performance management function upon employee retention?
5. How can a motivated team of employees termed as an “asset” of the company?
6. How does Primark’s management system encourage employee productivity?
7. How could Primark improve its performance management function to further build employee commitment and productivity?

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