Essay about The Food And Nutrition Service Program

Essay about The Food And Nutrition Service Program

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The SNAP program or Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program is a federal program founded and designed by the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) and other state agencies to provide with nutritious and healthy meals to those in need or at a poverty level. SNAP is also designed to alleviate hunger in the United States.(
This program was known as Food Stamps, but was recently changed to SNAP. This is one of the largest nutrition assistance programs in the US. The program has a standard budget of $133.50 a month per individual to provide optimal nutrition for those at or below poverty level. There are requirements for the eligibility for the program, but the main requirement is the income of the household. The monthly income has to be at or below 130 percent of poverty level for a three-person family. Budget can vary according to the circumstances and necessities of the individual being benefited. The maximum benefits are provided to those with no income, with disabilities, and elderly that are not able to work. The minimum could be given to those childless and working at least 20 hours a week for a limit of 3 months. About 1 in 7 Americans participate from this program. (
Every individual has to go through an eligibility process in order to qualify for the program. Eligibility may change from state to state, but there are standard steps that include the following; filling out an application, either online or at a SNAP locality, meet the requirements of the programs, which include but are not limited to resources, income, and disabilities. If the applicants are considered candidates for the program, they will be interviewed and assign a budget.
Controversies have arisen about the program’s budget being t...

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...ods at the moment, not looking at the quantities. In the long run, we spend more money doing this, because we are buying foods only by looking at the price. For example, I used to buy canned beans because they were cheaper and more convenient than dry beans. When I went grocery shopping with my 22.50 budget, I realized that dry beans were better a better option than canned beans. Some of the good things about buying dry beans are that the ounce is cheaper than canned beans, and they do not contain preservatives. When one ounce of canned beans was 10 cents, the ounce of dry beans was 6 cents. (Brown, 2014)
This program requires more than just going to the store and buying food. It takes time to plan those meals that fit into the budget. It also includes knowing the stage of life of the individual and understanding the needs and recommended intake according for them.

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