Essay Focus Group for a Research Study Regarding Table Usage

Essay Focus Group for a Research Study Regarding Table Usage

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Focus groups will be extremely useful in finding information about the PC/Tablet market because group dialogue tends to generate quality information. Participants’ experience and insight will cause others to share personal experiences and perspectives that will aid in gathering vital information. Using a focus group over other methods of research assures that insight will be provided that researchers know little about. These participants are invested in the issue and hold great knowledge and experience. These groups also provide representation of diverse ideas and personal opinion. This is generally a low cost and effective way to generate a great deal of important information. The only foreseen limitations in a focus group are that they way become sidetracked, dominated by a few members, or bias. These issues can all be overcome with the use of a great moderator. A focus group will provide qualitative research using participant’s perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards the PC and tablet market.
The focus group will be conducted with voluntary participants under confidential practices. The participants must feel respected and feel that their thoughts and ideas are valued. Some very broad and open questions will be asked so that participants can keep talking and facilitate the flow of ideas. The rules that will help establish a great and helpful outcome will be as follows. Only one person talks at a time, this will prevent ideas from being lost under another’s voice, or confusion that could imbalance the free-flowing atmosphere. Participants must feel comfortable, and know what they share will be confidential. This will help gather the most honest responses. It is important for all ideas to be equally represented, by...

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...portable devices be improved?
j) What academic software do you use with your portable device on a regular basis?

Thank you for your participation and input today. If anyone would like to ask us any questions, feel free to stay after and ask us. Please see the main office before you leave to pick up your Cougar Dollars. We have concluded this focus group.

Develop a discussion guide for this

focus group. Use the sample discussion guide in the textbook as a template. Choose two other qualitative methods to gain further insight into HP and the PC market. Give details on how you would go about conducting the research using these two other qualitative methods. Be very specific, step by step, how you would conduct this research. This section should be 4-6 pages and describe the various techniques you would use in your research design.

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