The Fire Of The Flames Essay

The Fire Of The Flames Essay

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Suddenly, one of the main support walls collapsed with a thunderous crash. Lily watched, her face reflecting her horror, and for a moment, she buried her face in Marc 's charred shirt. He held her close and they stood there, helpless to do anything but watch the cabin burn to the ground.
One of the neighbors must have seen the fire over the trees surrounding the cabin site, because soon fire trucks appeared. They did all that was possible to control the rest of the blaze, but unfortunately, the only thing they could do was just contain it.
Marc frantically told the firefighters that he had been unable to find Reed and that he must still be inside somewhere. But since the flames were so intense--engulfing the entire structure--there was no way to even attempt a rescue.
A medical team arrived on the scene and moved toward Marc but he made them check Lily over first. He had protected her... risked his life for her... so thankfully her injuries were minimal. They turned to examine him next, giving him oxygen and treating his abrasions... but in spite of the burns and cuts... he had sustained no real damage, either.
The fire, finally, completely burned itself out. After the rescue teams and firefighters had deemed it safe to leave, Marc drove Lily in the ATV to her house. Most of the various departments slowly began to drive off. The police remained, though, filling out their reports, and examining the paperwork the fire-personnel had left. Each department had asked many questions, and pictures had been taken of everything... including Lily 's ripped garments.
Personal questions were directed to her. She looked to Marc for strength, her expression being one of chagrin, but he squeezed her hand reassuringly. “Explain the deta...

... middle of paper ...

...n you didn 't come out, I got so scared that something was going to happen to you, that I came back in to find you. I had to find you...”
“Lily, you could have perished!”
“If you had died... I would have wanted to die too...” Her eyes filled with tears which brimmed out.
Marc gently wiped them away and kissed her forehead. He was grateful to her in so many ways but... “You preserved the unit?”
She nodded happily and took him by the hand. He opened the back of his conveyance and there lying on the rug, was a smoke covered, fully intact computer. He swept her into his arms and smiled for the first time that night.
“What a most remarkable woman you are, Lily Roseni. You saved my life and rescued my work. Yes, an amazing woman.” Then his brows pursed together in a deep frown, as he mentally reiterated the words he just spoke. “But Honey... such a risk... the danger!”

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