Hamilton Reflection

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Hamilton 2 Note from the author: This story is written by me and based off the broadway musical Hamilton. The Main character in Hamilton is Alexander Hamilton. In the original story he falls in love with Eliza Schuyler (pronounced skyler) and marries her. John Laurens was Hamilton’s best friend in the original. Laurens was a slave activist and he helped make it so slaves were allowed to fight in the continental army. Alexander Hamilton stepped into the musty, old bar and completely ignored the people staring at his bleeding arm. He plopped down on the bar stool; it gave a loud groan. Alexander had just ordered a drink to escape the pain in his arm, when a handsome, young soldier came and sat down next to him, “So…” he said in a smooth…show more content…
I would pick Angelica ” Laurens said with a wink, “Although I do think you are just as gorgeous as them.” Before Hamilton could even make a move to leave Laurens waved the bartender over. He whispered something in his ear; the bartender smiled and then burst out laughing. Hamilton gave Laurens a questioning look and saw the mischievous smile he wore. When the bartender finally got up, still smiling, he placed another drink in front of Hamilton. He looked away from the drink to where his friend was sitting only to find the seat empty. He gave an exasperated glance at the bartender who just shrugged. Then Laurens jumped out from under the counter and planted a wet, sloppy kiss right on Hamilton’s mouth. Laurens’ breath smelled of alcohol, and tasted of it too. Fuming with anger Hamilton stood up knocking over the bar stool and went to leave. He didn’t look back once as he left the bar.…show more content…
Instantly everyone froze except for one person , who kicked him one more time in the nose. Laurens faintly heard the man getting pummeled and yelled at by their leader but blacks out before he sees anything worthwhile. ~ Hamilton’s not very far from the bar and still furious at Laurens, when he hears a pack of boys running towards him from the direction of the bar. The slowest one runs with a limp and a black eye that is already starting to swell. Hamilton stops him, “What are you running from?” he asks the boy. “I ain’t got time to answer your questions,” the boy responds between breaths. Hamilton turned and headed in the direction of the bar. He was nearly at the bar when he heard someone whimpering in an alley. But when stopped to he look around he didn’t find anyone. The whimpering got louder and Hamilton could pinpoint where it was coming from. He looked in the dumpster to find his friend Laurens looking more dead than alive. Hamilton climbed into the dumpster and carried Laurens out. Revolted by the sight and smell of him Hamilton was forced to look away. What happened?” he wondered not expecting a
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