Essay on Finding Zoe By Brandi Rarus

Essay on Finding Zoe By Brandi Rarus

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Finding Zoe, written by Brandi Rarus, can be understandable when it comes to the theme when it talked about a story of identity, love and adoption and have a point of purpose to write. It is like Rarus 's unique to attempt to shed new light on the theme where she tried to explain about her experiences between her life and adoption. How she portrayed the theme is absolutely utter and it have all the different perspectives that help to build the strong theme. She has the two themes that built a suitable book, acceptance and compassion are her passionate themes of this book and they are applying to her life. Rarus’s though process was very interesting to use different proses, however it is easy to follow it throughout the writing. It is achieved without great effort for her to write the book because she has a connection between her writing style and the theme of the book. This author’s arguments presented in a clear, well though out manner as inspire and encourage. Her arguments’ purpose is to guide people’s knowledge about the unique culture such as deaf culture and how can the people approach the situations. This book clearly explained what the arguments were what the vibrant writing will leave you to think.
The style of writing in this book is little mixing of serious and little sense of humor. Rarus would write the part where she explained about her experiences throughout her life, with different times and places where it sounds, her tone, very serious. She used a couple rhetorical devices as for her writing style for example, understatement, “Like a time bomb waiting to explode…” (p. 152) and hyperbole, “There are no way he’d let her fly away or leave her stranded,” (p. 218). As for other part where she wrote some a little sens...

... middle of paper ...

...rt of a larger group, to explain her experiences.
Overall, the book, Finding Zoe, Rarus wrote, talked about identity, love and adoption with acceptance and compassion as her themes for the book. Her writing style showed many different ways to write the book that including use of rhetorical devices, proses, logos, pathos, ethos and many more. Her style captivated the audience’s attention and made the connection by their emotions, logical, and credibility. She also exposed the unique culture to the people to understand and try to be in her shoes. Her tones are different throughout the book, appreciative, consoling, encouraging, energetic and the most important of all loves. She shows lot of loves throughout of the book, her family, her understandings and her identity. She expressed her truly feelings into the book where it helped the book become powerful and vigorous.

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