Essay on Finding True Peace During Moments Of Bliss And Vulnerability

Essay on Finding True Peace During Moments Of Bliss And Vulnerability

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Finding true peace during moments of bliss and vulnerability keeps me motivated throughout the adversity I face in my life. Have you ever felt an overwhelming sense of peace and joy? That is exactly what I felt during my experience going to winter jam. God can show himself in multiple ways and he showed himself first in the way to the concert in Wichita, then from the first beats and lyrics song to the last band to walking outside to a rainy night and overwhelming emotions and just a full peace that could come from no one else but God. So let’s go for a drive.
A three hour drive with my Pastor and his wife. Then a three hour wait in line that can either make you impatient, or humble you so much that it just makes you feel God there with you. Then on top of all that waiting, the building was crowded, it was packed to the brim and there were people everywhere that it seemed that people were literally on top of each other. So why don’t we dive in a little deeper to fully get the full aspect of what really happened.
Neil, which is my Pastor, Patty, Alicia and I jumped in the car to make the three hour trip to Wichita. The hours of driving during the trip was needed and lead into some deep conversation the entire way to Wichita, which was much needed and was perfect in leading up to the concert. Once we arrived at the arena, we stood in a massive line that wrapped around the outside of the InTrust Bank Arena. The time before the Sidewalk prophets opened up, it slowly wound down and the line started to disappear. As we were walking around the tightly packed arena trying to find seats, a security guard motioned for us to come with him. Scared and anxiously we followed him to our new seats while the crowd started buzzing with excitement. ...

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...r forget my night at Winter Jam because I was overcome with encouraging thoughts and a happy emptiness that inspired me to challenge myself spiritually and walk with God for the rest of my life, while also finally letting me let go of all this emotions and feelings that I have kept to myself which was much needed. Afterwards I was no longer feeling any worldly worries and I saw and I continue to see every day that God is good in ALL ways. We walked away from the crowded arena at the end of the concert, into a beautiful rainy night that closed the door on an unforgettable experience that all of us had. Which I think I can speak for all there when I say that this experience is an emotional rollercoaster and uplifting experience that points all ways to God. Which is the way that all ways point too and the way I hope and pray my life points towards, which is ALL to God.

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