Essay on Finding The Right Piece Of Art

Essay on Finding The Right Piece Of Art

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Finding the right piece of art to use for this assignment was challenging for me. I researched many different stories and paintings through Hale Library; such as, the story of Noah’s Ark and the story of Adam and Eve, but I could never seem to find a piece that stuck out to me. My tactic was to find a piece of art of a Bible story that I was already familiar with so that I could go off of what I already knew; however, I found this to be more difficult because I already had an image in my mind of what those scenes looked like, so I then resorted to finding an image of a Bible story that I had never heard of before this class. That lead me to finding a painting of Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac. This was a story that was unfamiliar to me, which I think is helpful when analyzing the painting because I can make my own assumptions and discoveries without the preconceived idea of the story. I found many paintings of this particular Bible story and most of the paintings that I came across contained the fundamental characters and components of the Bible story, like Abraham, Isaac and the angel of the Lord. Although, the painting that I chose stuck out to me because it was a little different than the rest of them. The painting not only incorporated Abraham, Isaac and the angel of the Lord, but it showed the sympathies and emotions in the characters facial expressions and body language, something that other paintings and the Bible story did not include.
The similarities between the Bible and the painting of this story vary; for instance, some of the similarities are very obvious and some are subtle. Obvious similarities include the fact that Abraham is shown standing over his son, Isaac, with the knife falling out of his hand as the ange...

... middle of paper ...

...d the Bible story are important because it gives us a sense of conclusion. We start to understand the underlying meaning of the Bible story and we are able to see different perspectives that may make more sense to us personally. What was interesting to me was how the artist of painting was able to capture the feelings of a person with just the look on their face or their body language. It baffles me how if they had adjusted the eyes differently, or made the colors lighter or darker around them, or any slight change is able to change the theme of the whole painting, which is why it is so important that we relate Bible stories to pieces of art from all over the world. I don’t think that one single person will ever be able to fully understand the Bible in it’s complexity, but seeing different perspectives is a way to allow us to broaden our understanding of the Bible.

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