Visual Art Analysis: The Resurrection By Francesco Buoneri

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Tanya Macias Intro to Visual Arts Mrs. Katherine Jost 06 October 2015 The Resurrection The Resurrection was made by Francesco Buoneri, known as Cecco del Caravaggio around 1619-20. The oil on canvas painting was commission by a Tuscan ambassador. Its new permeant home is in the Art Institute in Chicago. I chose to look at this painting for many different reason. The Resurrection is an amazing painting that through basic size, composition, and theme that captured my attention. First, the size of the painting drew me in before all. It measures at 339.1 by 199.5 cm, surrounded by a large golden frame. The size alone is enough to bring in any person passing by. Once getting close, the really wonder happened. The story told by the painting …show more content…

The main theme can simply be seen easily is religion. At first glance you can see why the title is so fitting. The Angel is seen pointing up while hold a tombstone, as if leading Jesus up. Jesus is shown above him pointing in the same direction almost as if talking about heaven. You can tell who Jesus is not only by his placement but by the cloth, light halo, and possible makes on his head from the thorn crown. The dramatic size as well gives it a religious feel. Cecco again shows he uncanny ability to resemble Caravaggio to build connection. Caravaggio’s work surround religion had the ability to provide “ direct communication..[and] establish” a bond “between the spectator and the sacred scene[s]” (Chorpenning 145).“When standing up close I felt that looking up I was another person there looking to where he is pointing. The dramatic scene is something to behold in person that is so interesting. The contrast of the angel and Jesus who are lighter than anyone else from the dark background make them stand out. The light sources that help bring in contrast is like a ray of light or even a spotlight light. The way the light falls helps reinforce the importance of Jesus and

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the composition plays a major role on what attracted them to the artwork in the resurrection.
  • Analyzes how cecco shows his uncanny ability to resemble caravaggio to build connection between the spectator and the sacred scene.
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