Essay on Financial Analysis of Priceline

Essay on Financial Analysis of Priceline

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Part I: The Purpose of the Report and the Research Experience
The main purpose of this report was to evaluate and research the financial information about Priceline during the past five years to evaluate the future developing of the company.
In order to perform my research, I used Priceline’s 10 K report to get the financial information that was needed for this research. In addition, I used the company’s website where I found basic information about Priceline history and also other businesses that Priceline’s group owns. Yahoo finance and Priceline’s website assisted me with their presentation of financial charts and analysis of them. I found very useful Forbes website, where I was able to find out a lot of information about Priceline and its subsidiaries. Social responsibility and Ethics practiced by Priceline were part of the research and its website was very useful in my research. Also the textbook helps me with basic concepts and, played an important role in finding information. Yahoo and Google were the search engines that I widely used to find information about Priceline, and its direct competitors such as Expedia.

Part II: Introduction and History
Priceline is a business service industry and according to the website Funding Universe, Priceline, is an Internet-based company that created a ticketing service called "Name Your Own Price" that matched customers to airlines. The company was formally created in 1997, and his president was Jay Walker The company headquarters is located in Connecticut (“ Incorporated History”).
Funding Universe, also adds that Priceline is a transactional service that offers products in two categories: a travel service that offers leisure airline tickets, hotel rooms, r...

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