Fighting Dirty, The Alinsky Way Essay examples

Fighting Dirty, The Alinsky Way Essay examples

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The uneven playing field of American politics has been well documented in countless books and articles throughout the years; the mass mainstream media traditionally sides with the Left, and it is up to those on the Right to get their message out, unfiltered, in less conventional ways. It was always looked upon as the cost of doing business for the Republicans on the right and they maneuvered their way around the media obstacles in the 1980s and the 1994 mid-term elections.
Beginning with the election of the Clintons however, the playing field drastically changed, becoming more of a bloody battlefield with Republican bodies strewn from end to end. This was the dawn of the Alinsky era. Mrs. Clinton was a student of the radical teachings of the original “community organizer”Saul Alinsky. Although Alinsky died in 1972, his methods survived through his protégés and his books, one being Rules for Radicals, which he essentially dedicated to Satan.
Barak Obama is now the most famous “graduate” of the Alinsky school of agitation and provocation. Mike Kruglik, a “direct descendant” of Alinsky, who was Obama’s Chicago instructor in Alinsky’s teachings, said Obama was the best student of Alinsky tactics he had ever had. Kruglik went on to say Obama was “an undisputed master of agitation” who “could engage a room full of recruiting targets in a rapid fire Socratic dialogue…” Obama himself described the four years he spent learning the science of Alinsky’s community organizing as “the best education of his life.” This is a telling statement from a man who studied at Columbia and Harvard. The underlying tenet in the Alinsky method is no different than the Communist rationalization; the ends justify the means. An end that is achi...

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... of the community for his state senate and eventual U.S. senate runs.
Saul Alinsky is a God-like figure to Liberals, and his rules/tactics have served them well over the last fifty or so years. If the Republican Party does not want to fall deeper into obscurity, they should employ similar tactics. If the GOP does not want to be supplanted by a conservative third party, it should drop the gloves and the dogma, and fight fire with fire. Should the political left have a monopoly on underhanded tactics? Not if they are to be defeated.
America has become tantamount to a Jerry Springer show. We want to see a knockdown, drag out fight, with lots of jabs “below the belt”. Oh, and make it quick because our attention span is now measured in milliseconds, and we will probably not even remember yesterday’s show. This is what we learned from the Obama campaign.

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