Essay Fieldwork On Early Education Center

Essay Fieldwork On Early Education Center

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Fieldwork Reflection

The fieldwork was completed at EEC (Early Education Center) in Chiara’s classroom. Chiara classroom is a self contain class with 12 students. Each student is an “at-risk” child. There are three children in that class that speak multiple languages. These three students are the ones I focused on my fieldwork. For this assignment purpose I will change the names of these students. I worked with two children who’s first language is Spanish on 4/25/16 and 4/26/16. Both days I spent 4 hours doing different activities with the students. The third child first language is English second language was Italian. I worked with him on 4/27/16 and 4/28/16. I spent 4 hours each day working with this child individually. Each child is very unique and their level of understanding varies from child to child. The first child Jose is a very intelligent 4-year-old boy with possible autism. His family is currently testing to see if he has autism and what type of autism. His family first language is Spanish. He can speak and understand in both English and Spanish. He can also read in both languages. He is a sweet child but is very quiet and keep to himself. His family recently changed his diet to help with some behavioral issues they have with their son. Second child Carlos is a 4-year-old boy with possible cerebral palsy. They are currently testing to see if he has cerebral palsy. He also has other health issues that the family is working with the doctors and school. His family first language is also Spanish. Unlike the first child his language is significantly delayed due to ear infections that caused damaged to his ears. The third child Johnathan is a 4-year-old that recently got tubes put into his ears to help him hear better. Hi...

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...earning. I learned quickly that these boys enjoyed books, singing and puzzles. The other activities they enjoyed but the excitement I saw from reading books, singing and puzzles showed they are learning the most from these activities. When a child can help you read a story or use new vocabulary is when you know they are learning and retaining information from the activities provided. If a child comes from a background where their language, and culture is different from American culture we as teachers need to understand the child’s background and work with the child in both English and in the case of my fieldwork Spanish. This helps a child understand the teacher and the teacher is able to understand the student. Teachers will benefit using visuals to help teach students who speak another language. I thank the teacher for giving me the time to work with her students.

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