Field Assest Services in Computer Systems

Field Assest Services in Computer Systems

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The primary objective of AFAS is to utilize the information available during faulted scenarios for efficient utilization of resources to quickly respond to the event and monitoring protective device operations to improve the system reliability. In order to achieve this, AFAS strives to:

 Efficiently use of resources and data: Installation of new equipment should be kept to a minimum in order to enhance the economic benefit from this system. The available data from the existing infrastructure should be utilized to the largest possible extent, making use of the same data for multiple functionalities. The different possible sources from which the data may be acquired will pose challenges, with each data recorder having its own sampling frequency, time stamp as well as propriety format. The AFAS system must be capable of relating all this data and subsequently extract the relevant information from it for analysis. In order to make utmost use of the data, the results of the same analysis may be presented to different user along the hierarchy of the power system, such that only the relevant details are conveyed. Another important factor to be kept in mind is the time required to process the data; since it will be proportional to the system complexity and number of data sets to be considered. Prioritization on data set to be considered and running important application can be made allowing information to be sent as and when required, rather waiting for processing all the applications.
 Improve system operation: Any interruption to the normal operation of the system has to be reported and analyzed by AFAS. Even if there is no interruption to the supply but faulty conditions exist, they should be picked up. The system should ensure the correct functioning of the protection system and prompt the respective operators to change any setting as may be deemed necessary by analysis. Reports should be communicated to the concerned personnel, informing about state of the system and corrective measures to be taken, if any. This will vary according to the authority and area of interest. For example: Following an event, line man in the substation has to rectify the issue and restore the outage element at the earliest. The substation engineer will analyze the operation of protective devices and modify the settings if required. Personnel sitting in a load dispatch centre will identify the equipment outage and take necessary action to keep system under normal operating state.

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 Optimally utilize manpower: Although the recording and collection of data is automated, much manpower is exhausted in repetitive and manual tasks involved in analyzing system faults. By performing simple analysis and report generation automatically with minimal inputs from system operators, AFAS frees up the personnel to concentrate on more complex tasks, while speeding up the response times to the faults. This helps to reduce the outage duration, while the analyses of complex cases might help to formulate better action plans in response to the forced outages.
 Ensure adequate protection: Mal-operation of the protection system puts the whole power system at risk. The AFAS system will oversee the operation of various relays and breakers in the system and ensure they are operating as desired. In case of relays, the various setting may be crosschecked to ensure their co-ordination. Similarly, the different breaker operations may be recorded and verified. In case of sluggish operation or total failure they may be inspected and treated appropriately. Depending on the number of inputs available, the state of various protection equipments may be evaluated to varying depths. E.g., if the current waveforms, breaker operating times as well as control circuit details are available, the breaker performance can be thoroughly investigated

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