Fertility Is The Amount Of Children Essay

Fertility Is The Amount Of Children Essay

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1. Fertility is the amount of children born to a woman or a group of women living in the same area. It is measured by either the amount of children born per year in an area per one thousand people or the amount of children born per one thousand women in the estimated childbearing age because only those women have the capability to produce children. Without taking factors such as premature death into account, if every woman had an average of three or more children, the population would grow exponentially. If the average was less than two children born to every woman, the population would decrease exponentially; if every woman had two children, the population would stay roughly the same.
Mortality is death in terms of population, and it is measured by finding the number of deaths per every one thousand people in an area. If the rate of mortality exceeds the birthrate, the population will drop. Likewise, if the birthrate exceeds the death rate, the population will grow, and if the numbers even out, so does the population. However, while any change in the death rate will immediately change the population, a negative change in the birthrate takes a while to affect the population size because ideally, there is a fairly large gap between birth and death.
Migration is the movement of people from one area to another, and it can be between two different countries or within the same country. Migration rates don’t affect world population because people can’t migrate to other planets yet. However, regionally, migration is measured by the amount of people legally entering or leaving the country per one thousand people. However, since illegal immigration and emigration isn’t regulated, the migration rate doesn’t always represent ...

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...was generally accepted by the Chinese at first, and the civil rights movement was eventually backed by law, so people couldn’t legally segregate people by race. Both of these were examples of social movements. Dispersed collectivities are affected by rumors, fads, fashions, and urban legends that can change ways of thinking and behaving in society. Crowds, mobs, and riots can cause people to think and act differently than they would outside of the crowd. Although all the aforementioned collectivities and social movements influence people’s thoughts and actions, some are more powerful than others. The civil rights movement, for example, was supported by law and was required to be obeyed fully by everyone in America, but not everybody believes that there are thugs who go around stealing kidneys in the cities, so not everyone makes it a priority to avoid organ thieves.

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