Feral Cats : An Unforgettable Experience With A Dog On The Stress Essay

Feral Cats : An Unforgettable Experience With A Dog On The Stress Essay

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Feral Cats in San Francisco Bay
There was an unforgettable experience with a cat on the stress. After I got off the bus and toward my aunt’s house, a cat came up to me. It was the first time happen to me that a cat was very affectionate to me. And it persistently rubbed against my legs. I was a little scared, and I did not know what to do because it looked different from the common cats that I saw. I stood a while and looked at the cat. A few minutes later, I continued walked toward my aunt’s house, and I saw the cat followed me for a block. After that, I knew this behavior was one of the symptoms of estrus, and I thought if that cat was a feral cat, how it lived. Cats are adorable animals, and they are one of my favorite pets. However, not every cat has its owner, some of them are born into wildness, and they don’t have settled, safe places to live. Amy, who is a writer at the website Love Meow, published there were 175 feral cats were found by volunteers in San Francisco Bay in 2004 (Amy, par. 1). Although it sounded not too big amount of feral cats in San Francisco Bay, the number of feral cats could increase rapidly if nobody cared about it. Feral cats are good at preying small animals; however, their need to treat correctly by controlling their reproduction and feeding, and their living problems are connected with the changes of a neighborhood in San Francisco Bay.
Feral cats are good at preying small animals, and their skill have relationship with human for over thousand decades. Feral cats live in the wild. They have to prey small animals in order to survive. I saw a whole process of a feral cat caught a mouse in my backyard. Finally, it caught the mouse and left away. My fruits in my backyard were protected by the feral...

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... cats feel safe at this place and want to socialize with humans. As the community is improving, there are more social resources share to residents. The community will care about the happiness of residents, community facilities, sanitation, and stray animals. Residents can get more help from the community. Resident and feral cats can pleasantly live in the same neighborhood. If a neighborhood is still in an unsafe, unclean environment and have a lot of dissatisfaction, the presence of feral cats makes residents more worry.
Overall, feral cats also need to be take care of because most of them are the next generation of abandoned cats. Furthermore, it is glad that there are a number of organizations, programs, and communities in San Francisco Bay are helping abandoned animals, such as feral cats. Hopefully, more people can adopt a pet instead of buying in the future.

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