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Animal Injustice To every pet owner, how would it feel if your pet spent the rest of their life in a cage, while another living being applies different chemicals over and over again to see if it causes any reaction? This is what any mice, rabbit, frog, dogs have to deal with every day in order to provide humans with new medicine and products. Animal testing has been occurring for decades in order to help out medicine and the beauty industry. Many scientists have accepted the fact that animal testing can be an essential contribution to discovering new medicine. Unfortunately, animals are being used for experiments on a daily basis and being exploited for consumerism. Animal testing should not be allowed and there should be stricter laws against it or find other methods to do experiments. Many scientists have claimed that using animals for scientific purposes is a necessity in order to closely compare the effects on a human being. Also, stating that animals can’t be compared to humans, they do not have the same morals and obligations. Therefore, makes the experiments justifiable. In an…show more content…
Many men go hunting with their children as a passage to becoming a man and killing a deer or any other harmless animal a reward. According to Zeke Pipher a writer for Deer & Deer Hunting writes in his article, “Inside every great sportsman” “I asked them what they liked to hunt, and one of the camo-clad young men said, "I shoot everything!" One of his buddies hit him in the arm and exclaimed, "Me, too!" One after the other acknowledged the same, and for the next 15 minutes each boy at the table presented me a list of the creatures he had killed during the past few months” (Pipher). Kids now a days feel the need to show dead animals are prized possessions for the cruelty the committed. They need to realize that they have a beating heart just like anyone else and they can feel the pain

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