The Feminist Case Against Abortion Essay

The Feminist Case Against Abortion Essay

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Abortion advocates ask “What about the mother?” and the prolife advocates answer “what about the baby?”- The Feminist Case against Abortion. Serrin M. Foster. Sept 2015. Web jan 2015. This is a very serious subject in our society today. Almost 42 million induced abortions happen all over the world each year. This is 42 million unborn children that never had a chance or even a say in what their futures would hold. This is not preventing poverty; we have proved that, this is our country not holding anyone responsible for their actions. Those that have supported this action are just as guilty as those that have committed the injustice act. These children did not ask to be made but neither did we. What is the difference between the worth of their lives and the worth of ours? What if someone were to take our lives because they did not want us to be a part of theirs? This is what we have to advocate to those that are not given the other options of Planned Parenthood.
Two women are in the hospital both are being prepped for surgery. One that is having her second induced abortion at fourteen weeks. The other woman is a gravida four para zero, and is having a dilation and curettage for the fourth time due to a spontaneous abortion at seven weeks. Both women have one thing in common. They are both mothers. For one of them that is an unwanted thing, and for the other she couldn’t dream of anything better to be. Women of all cultures find themselves in these same situations.
For many people pregnancy is a very scary thing. This is very understandable. The thought of bringing a new life into the world and having to care for a child for a lifetime is very nerve wracking. Peop...

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...blessings. They also need the support from all of the prolife advocates out there and if we all do this we can make it a lifestyle and soon family and friend will also follow and these women will have no shame in their actions or decisions.
From now on I am prolife and I will advocate for these unborn babies until I turn blue in the face. Not only do I want these babies to be born, I want them to be able to grow up and be something in this world. I pray we all do this and make life the only option that there is out there.
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