Essay about Feminism : The Second Wave Of Feminism

Essay about Feminism : The Second Wave Of Feminism

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The second wave of feminists started movements that helped the poor, women, and anyone in need of help. Black feminist movements were contributed to aid in youth, protection of the people, and the well-being of an individual which was called the Black Feminist Organization in 1973 (Carabillo, Meuli and Csida 79). In the mid-seventies, the vast majority of foundations founded by women had programmed funding to the movements and was open to the public. Third wave feminism contrasts to the first wave and second wave of feminism because society has changed. Betty Friedan states that, the strategies of past feminists have resulted in changes of how women think about themselves, and the perception that others give women. Also, women today can do anything a man can do. (qtd. in Carabillo, Meuli & Csida 77). Modern feminism give recognition to past feminist waves, although it has its’ own set of belief systems and values today. Research shows that modern feminist focuses on feminine beauty and defines it as something different than how social media and television portrays it. Third wave feminism does not deal with the plethora of issues that contributed to the first and second wave because the third wave is the resolution. Third wave feminist accept themselves the way they are and do not need approval from a male figure to tell them how to act or what to do.
In addition, third wave feminism mainly focuses on the physical value of being a woman and the perceptions of being a woman. Social media, television and newspapers portray women in stereotypical ways and third wave feminist are against the viewpoints of the portrayals. They work on self-respect, self-control, and the mental and physical aspect of what it is to be a woman. Third ...

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...o place during the second wave. In result, women called themselves “third world women” and it is amazing to see how women all around the world went through similar issues. Not only did the women 's movements help to seek reliance on the behalf of women, but other issues were included as well. The feminist population was mainly middle class women that were not married and they had the most problems in finding careers because, no regulations were made for them. It amazes me how much time and effort were put forth for women to have a voice in society and how times are different nowadays. I learned that first and second wave feminists would not say there is an exact definition of the word, but it was a movement empowered by women, but not just for women. The movement was powerful and unique because, it helped many races, income levels, and other issues resolved in a way.

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