Essay about Feminism And Its Impact On Women 's Rights

Essay about Feminism And Its Impact On Women 's Rights

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Feminism is the endeavor to advocate for women’s rights as a way to garner political, social and economic equality to men. Recently, feminism has been put to the test as an ideology as the third wave of feminists emerge. This movement has been criticized as being radical and has even been met with the criticism in the form of the movement named “meninism”. Meninism advocates against the perceived oppression of white males and has a large social media following on twitter, where it started as a satirical take on feminism and has since lost its satirical piece and has become a movement rallied against feminism. The idea of feminism is not new, rather it has transformed from its previous generations. Society is considered to be in its third wave of feminism, the first being in the 1920s and the second in the 1970s. In international relations it is a way to look at the world through a gendered lens and focuses on women’s issues on a global scale. This view of equality is open to everyone but it is mainly women, such a Hillary Clinton, that are implementing changes by using this approach...

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