Understanding Gender Differences: Examining Gender Differences

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Andrew Cravalho
Instructor Kristen O’Shea, PhD
May 16, 2014
Final: Research Paper
Understanding Gender Differences: Examining Feminism Perspective
Within the modern feminist movement much effort has been made to find the likeness between men and women. Liberal feminism has taken the stand that little or no significant differences separate genders (Maltin 6). The goal of this reasoning in feminism is equal rights the and thus the destination, gender equality. (Maltin 5) Impassioned women have take up resourceful actions to further their cause and secure these rights. However, by concentrating on the similitude women have constrained their own identity. Through recognizing differences between genders women have the opportunity to achieve not only greater equality but also create the environment to embrace their unique and exceptional undertaking with humanity.
In a quest for equal rights with their male counterparts the feminist movement has opened new opportunities for women in many societies around the world. (Golombisky 90). Feminist’s are pioneering the way for women’s rights, challenging long standing cultural beliefs, creating greater access to education and the political arenas, and initiating change for new ideals. (Golmbisky 90) Many of the once male dominated fields of the workforce now include women based upon the efforts of individuals and a plethora women’s groups and organizations. (Golombskiy 93).
The benefits accomplished through feminism are based on a number of ideas that have been philosophically embraced. The motto of the many different types of feminism stem around the concept of gender equivalency and for feminists this has translated into seeking gender equality. (NORA 260). Some of the modern campaign...

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...ities or differences seems appropriate. Leaving out one of the methods would be incomplete. And there is more to discover. Through this work I have realized an inclusive approach is most beneficial. This allows for continued observational approach to shed new light on how we understand gender. It also allows for receiving and accepting inborn facets to develop instinctively. Receiving both attests to a holistic approach in a symbiotic relationship that is inclusive for both men and women. Further, feminist in this methodology can continue to root out unfair and harmful practices that will produce improved treatment of women. Without overlooking their own innate differences feminists can find the delicate balance to a multicultural approach. Otherwise, overlooking these qualities may create the very injustice the feminist cause of justice is seeking to irradiate.

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